The Surf Zone Team

Gigs Celliers

When Jan Van Riebeek sailed into Table Bay Harbor for the first time in 1620, there were two things that astounded the world traveler; the first was the flat topped Table Mountain rising out of the ocean and the second was the sight of Gigs Celliers dropping into a clean sucky little left at the Big Bay next to Robin Island.

Jan obviously saw some talent in the youngster and decided to populate the Southern tip of Africa so that he might have some competition and push himself to the top of his game. Many barrels later and with 4 World Titles behind his back, Gigs can still be found at Big Bay reciting stories from tow in sessions at Dungeons, Cape Town or Jaws, Hawaii to Stand Up Paddle sessions right outside his shop at Big Bay.

His talent is not only finding the best waves but allowing people to experience, the stoke of surfing through either there first lessons or making available the equipment necessary to ride the oceans energy.

As with Jan van Riebeek, pioneering new places is also what Gigs does well and opened the surf shop on the beach front in Durban in the 90s.

Almost two decades later and with Surf Zone next to Green Market square in Cape Town still strong, Gigs was the first again and put a shop in arguably the most scenic beach in the world, Big Bay, Blouberg Strand.

Now he has an eagle eye over the Town Shop and can run down for a SUP session with a student at the drop of a hat just after getting another, wanna-be surfer, kitted out with all the goodies to start the epic journey of becoming a fully fledged waterman just like Gigs so many years ago.

John Dwalla O Sullivan

Manager Surf Zone
Green Market Square

Solid-as-a-Rock of Table Mountain, a Deep love for heaving barrels and a likeable spirit, John grew up body boarding the heaviest waves of the cape, exploring the tubes of Indo and clocking up a University Degree. His knowledge of the waves, people and surfing equipment makes him a professor of surfatology and keen to get you stoked when you pop in to Cape Town City Centreís Surf Zone.

Long boarding, SUP and drop knee, John and the team have you covered with hundreds of boards and wetsuits to choose from.... oh ...and donít be afraid when you see him with a beer in hand, he can handle that as good as an 8ft wedging peak at the gat on a classic summers day....

Brad Caveman Symington

Naish Kitesurfing

After doodling in his homework diary about windsurfing and surfing sick waves upon leaving school three of his teachers asked him what he was going to do. Without thinking the first words out of his mouth were beach bumb sounds good. All three teachers said fine but he should have a serious look at becoming a teacher. After getting the surfing thing under his belt in Durban in the early 90's he bought his first set of windsurfing gear and was stoked. The windsurfing thing didnít happen much though as after being dragged down the beach a few times by a two line kite in the late 90's two things happened. The windsurfing gear was replaced by a kite and a way of preventing others smashing themselves to peaces on this relatively easy sport was formulated. Being the 75th Internationally Certified Kite boarding Instructor in the world with over 8000 hours of teaching and coaching Brad still has the desire to get as much wave and wind action as possible and when the guys are coming off the water cause its just too strong is usually the time you see him pumping his kite up. A competitor himself he has a great ability to see what is necessary at whatever the level to get that next step in to achieve what the student themselves want to achieve.


Manager Surf Zone
Eden on the Bay
Big Bay

With getting people to look as good as they possibly can Conwell at one stage could have gone to work in Young Designers Emporium. His fashion sense is keen and the thing that stopped this amicable guy from going into the designer clothing game was the fact that he wanted put the people in front him into the beach style that he loved. From that pair of sunnies that we save up for to the baggies that make you feel like you are surfing naked, Conwell knows exactly what each product in the surf game is about. looking after a store that is the gateway to the ocean for most water babies, is something he does with ease and at the same time has no issue with arranging that elusive item that you just cant seem to find anywhere. Not to be out done by the rusted brains of the rest of the team is obvious when you chat to him that his late start in wave riding has kept his sense of responsibility to his clients well oiled and a pleasure to deal with. The Tiger Woods of the Surf Fashion game who is always looking to help you get your birdie.

Dean Snowflake

Surf Zone Surf School
Big Bay

With a schooling on the beachfront of Durban from a waterman father, Dean was left with no option but be a water baby with consequences. His surfing ability speaks for itself as one of the two major perks of this type of up bring. The other major perk is the ability to chat aimlessly for hours about that same subject, Surfing. Like most true water babies, Dean wants to share the stoke with all the people he meets and thus is fantastic at educating people on the true lifestyle that surfing offers. Just one look at the young man leaves no doubt that what he is talking about with regards to every aspect of surfing comes from the heart and is meant for the benefit of the listener. The only thing that Dean could love more than Surfing and Stand Up Paddle Surfing would be talking to a pretty girl about well you guessed it Surfing and Stand Up Paddle Surfing. With a gymnasts abilities, physique and more talent in his little finger than most, an encounter with Snowflake is always personal and a feeling of caring about that common goal of the next wave is quite tangible.

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